The aim of this blog to help out managers old and new to be more productive and build better teams.

Becoming a manager for a first time or even building an existing team can be a challenge but I hope through these tips and tricks you can start to be a better you, better manager.

Feel free to leave comments and your own suggestions.

A little about me:

I have been managing teams for over 12 years and over that time I have built several highly productive teams. It’s not always easy and I know there were times when I got it wrong but managing people is without doubt one of the best parts of my career. Seeing how an individual or a team can grow and develop is really inspiring.

The best teams are those that challenge you and that you can work collaboratively with but in order to do that you need to set the tone and culture within your team. This is usually but not always, independent of any company culture. Being a truly inspirational leader doesn’t mean having all the answers, it means working with those around you to discover and find them together.

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