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Reduce the noise

Thinking time is a valuable and scarce commodity when you’re a manager. There are constant pressures on your time; meetings, 121’s, questions from your team, emails… and the list goes on.

So how do you organise yourself to get the best out of any time you do manage to carve out for yourself? Here are some thoughts and tips on making your desk and working environment more compatible with that precious thinking time:

  • clear your desk – if you’re desk area is cluttered with paper and other bits and pieces they will distract you from the task at hand
  • put your phone somewhere you can’t see it – if it’s in eye shot it will distract you
  • turn off desktop notifications for email, slack, messenger, Skype – they will draw you away from your precious and dedicated time
  • tell your colleagues that you need some time to get things done and ask them to not interrupt you, they won’t take offence, in fact it may prompt them into better working habits
  • go somewhere else – if all else fails take yourself to a meeting room, or even better to a coffee shop and reward yourself for carving out some dedicated thinking time by buying yourself a well earned coffee
  • put your headphones in – music can help drown out the chatter but that too can be a distraction , so I use noisli.com which provides you with a range of background noises and you can set a timer as well


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