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Make time for you

Being an effective leader is often about making choices about what goes into your diary. As we climb the leadership ladder our diaries can get filled with 121’s, management meetings and other “essential” meetings that require your input. However to be effective as a leader and to be able to still grow and develop you need to invest time in yourself.

It’s not unacceptable for you to therefore designated time for thinking or reading or to attend conferences or watch webinars. Your self development will not only mean you can expand your capabilities but it will also bring new ideas and approaches to the role you currently do and that of your team.

Throughout my career, even at my most busiest times of year, I have prioritised self development and learning. This is what keeps you passionate about what you do. The best organisations are those that actively encourage you to do this.

Once you’ve established what this means for you, don’t forget to encourage the same behaviour in your team. You and the organisation will reap the rewards.

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