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Do one small thing

The pressures of the to do list sometimes mean that things hang around on there for days. Those tasks that are seemingly so enormous that you don't know where to start. Often all it takes is one small step. Instead of thinking about the project as a whole, instead think about the one small thing… Continue reading Do one small thing

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Good managers are not made, they grow

Becoming a manager can be a daunting process. One day you're you working on your own things, trying to impress your boss and suddenly the next day you have people looking to you for the answers! It can easily become overwhelming. But it needn't be this way. If you approach managing your team the same… Continue reading Good managers are not made, they grow

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Reduce the noise

Thinking time is a valuable and scarce commodity when you're a manager. There are constant pressures on your time; meetings, 121's, questions from your team, emails... and the list goes on. So how do you organise yourself to get the best out of any time you do manage to carve out for yourself? Here are… Continue reading Reduce the noise