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Dealing with the “F” word

Failure. There, I said it.

In many organisations failure can be a dirty word; to fail is to fall short somehow. However if you look carefully those people who are most successful understand that failure is actually part of a virtuous circle of learning and development that ultimately leads to success.

Without failure how can you improve and develop? No one likes to stagnate and by our nature we are inquisitive beasts who evolve and adapt to new environments. When we are inquisitive and learning sometimes things don’t go to plan. The trick is to identify what went wrong and why and to understand how next time things could be done better.

How we adapt to those situations, really analyse what went wrong and ultimately learn will set us apart from our contemporaries.

That same ability to learn, adapt and accept failure therefore needs to be filtered down into the team we are developing. As managers we therefore need to create the right conditions for this learning, adapting and trying new ideas. We need to create safety so that no one fears those failures but relishes them as part of the journey and helps them to find real resilience.

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