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Appraisals: location

To continue the theme of tips around the subject of appraisals today I would like you to consider the location of your appraisal. Often the surroundings can play an important part of setting the agenda and feel for an appraisal. For some, a meeting room may offer the privacy required whilst giving an air of formality to the situation. For others, a coffee and a chat in a local coffeeshop may be more appropriate. 

When choosing an appropriate location you might want to consider the following questions:
– is the meeting room in full view of other team members or peers?
-has the person had a good previous six months? In which case an external relaxed venue may be a reward
– do you have access to any resources you may need – ability to keep notes and talk about the feedback provided
– if choosing an internal room does it have a door that can be closed and does it have big windows with visibility of the rest of the office (the person having their appraisal may feel like they are on show)
-if it’s a meeting room, can you arrange the seating so that you can sit side by side rather than facing each other across a desk (this can be particularly intimidating for someone who hasn’t had a formal appraisal before)

Finally, on the day of the appraisal walk to the meeting together, this will make the situation a lot less intimidating right from the start. 

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