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Appraisals: timing (part 2)

This tip focuses on how to schedule and plan the appraisal meeting so that it can run effectively.

As discussed previously the timing of an appraisal should be every six months, no longer than a year apart. This time I want to consider how to schedule the meeting, how long to allow for it and what you need to send in the meeting request.

I like to introduce the idea of appraisals right from the start of a relationship with a team member, this is key because you can then start to demystify the process so that the appraisal becomes a natural part of their working life rather than a big scary thing looming on the horizon.

It’s important to allow 4-6 weeks to lead up to the appraisal, this time allows you both time to think about the performance of the individual and gather feedback. It also allows your team member time to consider their own performance.

When you send the meeting request be sure to also ask some questions and request answers to those questions in advance of the meeting. Remember to use an appropriate location. Finally I allow at least two hours for each of my appraisals, this gives you both room to talk freely and not be conscious of time pressures. One last tip; think about the time of day, there is no point scheduling a meeting for first thing if your team member is not a morning person!

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