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Appraisal: outputs

During the appraisal meeting make sure you take notes of the key discussion points and any agreed actions. You need to refer to these during your proceeding one-to-one meetings. 

However the most crucial output needs to be a set of objectives that will take the team member forward over the next six months. This is paramount for their own progression but also to ensure that they are working on things that align with the overall company / department objectives so that you know everyone is collectively pulling in the same direction.

When I give objectives I document them in a table laid out like this:

By quantifying the objective with reasons and measurements the team member understands what is expected of them but more importantly why and by when it needs to be completed.

Again, you need to refer to this regularly during the one-to-one meetings so that you can track performance and ensure that objectives are met. 

It is this that I then provide to HR as a record of the appraisal for the team members file along with any training requirements.

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