#dailytips, better you, mindfulness

Reclaim your lunch

And so to end a week of focusing on your team, here’s a lovely tip for you: reclaim your lunch. Take a break, leave your desk, go for a walk (and not just to get a sandwich to then eat at your desk), actually get some space.

It doesn’t have to be the full hour to begin with if the thought of that stresses you out, maybe build up to that. 

Really take a break, go somewhere else for you lunch, maybe sit in a communal area and chat to the people around you, you never know you might learn something interesting about someone or meet someone new. Or if you’re craving some me time, go and sit in the park (easier said than done in the UK with our often inclement weather) but read a book, listen to some music, meditate (step too far?!!!).

What I’m saying is, carve out some time for you in the middle of the day to leave your desk, re-set for the afternoon and reclaim your lunch. You’ll be surprised by how effective and focused you can be in the afternoon as a result.

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