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Appraisals: timing

Appraisals, also known as performance reviews, are such a key part to developing a really well functioning team. Even if your company doesn't have a policy on when and how to do appraisals you should take the lead with your team and offer the opportunity to have their performance evaluated on a regular basis. I… Continue reading Appraisals: timing

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Set a good example

Setting boundaries is really important for lots of reasons, as I've previously discussed. However boundaries goes a step further. We live in an "always on" society where our phones put the office in our pocket. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should, check your emails or do work once you've left the office… Continue reading Set a good example

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Dealing with the “F” word

Failure. There, I said it. In many organisations failure can be a dirty word; to fail is to fall short somehow. However if you look carefully those people who are most successful understand that failure is actually part of a virtuous circle of learning and development that ultimately leads to success. Without failure how can… Continue reading Dealing with the “F” word