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For the second of this weeks tips focusing on creating a good team which is productive and enjoys coming to work I want to focus on the personalities within your team.

Often we are given a team and we have to work with what we’ve got but occasionally we are given the opportunity to expand or replace our members of the team.

When this happens I would encourage you to step back and look at not only the skills you’re hiring for but the personality traits that would help develop your team. It’s all too easy to employ people who are like ourselves. However the best performing teams are made up of lots of different but complementary skills and perhaps more importantly complementary but different personalities. 

This dynamism in your team will bring new ideas, ways of working and generally enliven a team dynamic. Yes this will re-start the cycle of forming, storming, norming and performing but acknowledging that this is part of every day work life anyway will mean that you and your team are open to be able to adapt and change. As we all know change is constant. 

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