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Brand building

Previously I’ve talk about making time to invest in yourself and I’d like to give you another tip to help with this self-development. As another year draws to a close I think it’s important to look to the future and so I’d like you to consider ways to build your brand. 

Start by thinking about your core values and what you can offer an organisation. What are you passionate about and how do you bring that to your role? Are there other aspects of your personality or experience that you’re not tapping into? How can you utilise those untapped experiences to develop your team or your role?

Next, think about your LinkedIn contacts. Do you really put enough time and effort into firstly expanding your network and secondly nurturing it? If you meet people at events make sure you follow up with a LinkedIn contacts, reminding them when you met. Use LinkedIn to create posts around content and themes that interest you. Use hashtags to broaden the  reach of your network.

Perhaps most importantly, build relationships within your current organisation, especially those outside of your direct department. Consider taking someone out for coffee, maybe a peer from a different department or someone more senior than yourself? If your company uses Slack or other communication tools, join groups that aren’t necessarily directly related to your current role this will help broaden your understanding of the organisation and bring new people into contact with you and your ideas.

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