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Perception is key

Meetings are funny things. We fill our days with them. Whether we’re pushing a business forward or designing the next big thing, we use meetings to get things agreed and done. However meetings can sometimes be the cause of some real contention, why? Because we all have a difference perception of how a meeting has gone. 

How we take part in a meeting, the things we hear and take action on can be very different from the person sat next to you, simply because their focus or reason for being in the room can be very different to yours.

So how can you overcome any issues that may arise as a result of these differences in perception? Agreeing the outputs or actions from a meeting can be a good way to set the agenda for moving forward but it can also act as a way to ensure consensus on some level has been agreed. Take it in turns to produce the actions and any notes, it stops the dialogue becoming too focused from one persons point of view. 

After a meeting, particularly if you’ve found the meeting to be challenging or unsuccessful in some way, talk to one or two of the participants, see what they feel about the meeting. You may be surprised by what they say. I’ve talked about this before, but try to see a meeting from another persons point of view, your success may be their disappointment.

Just something to consider the next time you come out of a meeting a think “why did I bother?”.

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