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Trust is a funny concept. Who we trust and how far that trust goes can be dependent on the situation as well as the people around you. Circumstance can sometimes play it’s part too.

So how do we build trust within our teams? After all, the people in our team are supposed to be those we can trust the most and therefore rely on them to have our backs. For me, trust and honesty go hand in hand. To build trust you must first be honest. Now as managers and team leaders there will be times that you are privy to information that isn’t for wider consumption so obviously you mustn’t share this, but other times being honest about what is going on in an organisation can help build trust. Being honest about your own actions and abilities will demonstrate to your team that you’re only human and it will give them the strength to be honest in the same way.

Put your money where your mouth is; if you say you will do something then see it through. Often you will see people in business who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Your team will never trust you if you don’t follow through.

Trust can only come if you really listen when your team are telling you things. So remember the power of silence.

And sometimes the information they tell you shouldn’t go any further so keeping your own council can pay dividends.

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