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Lets start again

Welcome to 2019. This year could be the turning point for you and your team but only if you start by doing things differently. The next few tips will take you through new ways of thinking and new approaches to being a better manager, better you.

So let’s start with the old. Take a good look at your diary. Look at all those recurring meetings – how did that happen? How effective are those meetings, particularly any that were started early on in 2018 or before. I want you to do something radical – decline them, delete them, bin them!!! See how many come back and only accept those that are worth your time. If you have to accept them, ask yourself if you can get the same amount achieved with either less time, say 30 minutes instead of an hour, or less frequent. Your time is precious and you are in control of your diary.

Next, look at your 121’s. Let’s make them more effective. Cluster them together into groups so that you can tackle everyone on the same day. And make them 45 minutes maximum. This allows you time between meetings to grab a cuppa or to give you some wriggle room if something over runs.

Old habits die hard so set yourself a task or reminder to periodically do this process, every 4-6 months should be enough. Remember you are in control and it’s OK to say no to meetings.

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