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Multi-tasking – the untold truth

Multi-tasking is what every woman (myself included) claims to be great at and says that men can’t achieve. However in the past year I’ve come to realise that multi-tasking is actually a complete fallacy. We kid ourselves that multi-tasking is the only way to get through all our endless to do lusts but here’s a different point of view.

Instead of flitting from one thing to the next, carve out time to do one thing, be that emails, or starting that report, or moving a project forward with the first key step. But just focus on that one task, get it done, get it done well and then move on.

The killer of being able to carve out a dedicated piece of time is all the notifications on our desktops, phones and other devices – so switch them off, move them out of eye-sight and crack on.

Try it – it may revolutionise how much you actually can get done!

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