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It’s OK to take a break

Let’s get 2019 off to a great start and continue the theme started last week about setting up new habits which help you and your teams to succeed.

I would like you to consider the concept of being present at your desk all day and ask yourself if this is true of you and your organisation and if so, if you believe this needs to change.

I think that if you want to operate at your highest level and be the best version of yourself then allowing yourself the room to take regular breaks will help.

Think about setting aside blocks of time to really immerse yourself in the task at hand and then also build in times which allow you to move away from your desk. And then stick to it. Use that time away from your desk to move, go for a brisk walk rather than just making a cuppa. By increasing your movement you will actually increase your heart rate which in turn will help you de-stress and therefore make the next round of work much more productive.

If need inspiration for a new way of working, my 2019 refresh series might provide what you’re looking for:
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