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Switch it off!

I really want to encourage you to build more sustainable and healthy ways of working, let 2019 be the year that work, works for you! With that in mind it’s time to establish some boundaries. So many organisations require us to be on 24/7 and this is not sustainable or healthy.

Previously I’ve talked about turning off notifications to allow you the space to work effectively and to stop you multi-tasking. This time I would like you to consider how you can stop looking at your emails when you are at home in the evenings and weekends. Your time away from the office is precious to your health and well-being and filling it with the noise from the office can raise stress levels and stop you from enjoying time with your family, friends and doing the things you love doing. And let’s face it, you aren’t paid to work 24/7 – if you were you’d be a millionaire!

If a blanket approach is just too stress-inducing, how about giving yourself a cut off, say half an hour after you reach home is the last time you look at your emails until you are back in the office the next morning? Start small and work up to a full on switch off when you leave the office.

But be careful that by committing to this new practice of not looking at your work emails out of hours, doesn’t then translate into working longer!

If need inspiration for a new way of working, my 2019 refresh series might provide what you’re looking for:
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