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Email – the 4 D’s

There is a great video about productivity which I have put on my Useful Links page called Productivity for your start-up. Don’t dismiss this if you are not a start-up as it has some really great tips and tricks for being more productive and it may make you think differently about what being productive looks like.

The concept I want to pull out of that video is this, the inbox 4 D’s. It is a concept to help you reach inbox nirvana rather than inbox hell.

Every time you open an email you need to do one of four things to it:

  1. Read and DELETE
  2. Read and DELEGATE
  3. Read and DO (small caveat here the doing shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes to acheive otherwise see point 4)
  4. Read and DEFER (add to your to do list)

The idea is to get to inbox zero by the end of each working day so you can leave with a clear head.

Make a game of it and challenge yourself to inbox zero for a week and see how many times you can achieve it. Then if it’s 3 or more times give yourself a treat.

It will revolutionise your productivity and therefore your feeling of achievement if you can get into this practice.

If need inspiration for a new way of working, my 2019 refresh series might provide what you’re looking for:
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Email – the 4 d’s

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