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Take 3

Over the past few weeks we have been considering several new approaches in the vein of new year, new you.

Now that you’ve had time to digest each of them I would like you to take your top three and really drive them forward this week to get them embedded in your working day.

This could be the opportunity to set your intentions at the start of each day, followed by an evaluation and listing of 3 good things at the end of each day. It might be the need to re-organise your diary so that it works for you. Or it might be challenging yourself to inbox zero.

Whatever you choose make a conscious decision to make them stick this week.

If need inspiration for a new way of working, my 2019 refresh series might provide what you’re looking for:
Lets start again
Re-evaluate for success
The power of sleep
The untold truth
Taking a break
Balancing life
Email – the 4 d’s

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