focus on working smarter not harder
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Smarter is better

How do you get the most out of your day? With a never-ending to do list an obvious answer is often; I will work longer, the more hours I put in, surely the greater the rewards?

There is a place for this thinking as long as it is short term to get a project over the line or to meet a very specific deadline. However this approach is not sustainable over the long term as it can lead to increasing your levels of anxiety and stress which in turn can lead to high blood pressure.

With our 2019 theme of being smarter, better and healthier, I’d like to suggest the concept of working smarter. But what does working smarter actually mean?

First, it’s about setting up your workspace so you can succeed. Turning off distracting notifications and alerts on your desktop and mobile.

Then you need to carve out dedicated working time slots. Diarise them if this helps. I would aim for 45 minutes maximum.

Now, turn off all the other applications on your desktop this will help you from being distracted as your working.

Lastly, find a space that works for you, if staying at your desk is going to mean you are distracted by those around you, find a more secluded spot or pop in your headphones.

Oh and it’s a good idea to have a notebook hand so you can scribble down anything that pops into your head that doesn’t concern the task at hand.

Other things that may help; remember to breathe and take regular breaks.

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