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Coach, don’t tell

It’s so important to use your 121 sessions effectively. Having your team run an endless list of to do items past you every week  will not be an effective use of theirs or your time. Instead I would like you to consider ways in which you can empower them to “own” their own development.

In the appraisals series we discussed setting clear objectives so that your team can measure their success against specific measurable aims. You need to keep this going through the regular 121 you have with your team too.

I would like you to consider ways in which you can get them to set and own their own objectives and find solutions to their own problems. Your role then become more about challenging them to ensure they stay on track and motivating them when they get a bit stuck. It will free up your mental space as you’re not taking on their work as well as your own and also give your team an enormous sense of achievement.

How can this be applied? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ask open ended questions around the objective or problem
  • Try and come at the issues from a different perspective
  • Don’t give them the answer but ask what their solution might be
  • Sit and listen
  • Remind them of similar situations that have happened before
  • Ask them what they would do differently
  • Ask them what the next small step might be

This will have two effects; first you are helping them problem solve in a dynamic way but not always just giving them the answer and second by setting their own objectives they are going to be far more “bought into” that objective and therefore it’s much more likely to actually happen.

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