#dailytips, #organisation, #productivity, 2019 Refresh

Making it stick

One month in have any of the changes I suggested stuck? Change is hard, I get that but perseverance is key here. If you really want to make your working life better then you have to stick at it.

Don’t berate yourself if you’ve slipped back into your old habits. Just assess what was working and approach next week with renewed vigour.

You can do this, the power is in your hands to make changes to the way you work and how you manage your team.

If you need some renewed direction, revisit the advice:

If need inspiration for a new way of working, my 2019 refresh series might provide what you’re looking for:
Lets start again
Re-evaluate for success
The power of sleep
The untold truth
Taking a break
Balancing life
Email – the 4 d’s

You’ve got this.

Happy Friday.

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