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Balance – what’s that now?

I’ve highlighted before how important it is to take time to develop and educate yourself. As part of this self development I try and listen to new podcasts and read different material and in doing so I’ve come across this podcast: TED  Worklife with Adam Grant. He talks to some really inspiring people on the topic of getting work right and about balance.

The last installment I listened to was with Arianna Huffington (Huffpost). This was a real eye-opener for me. Arianna is a powerful and successful lady, she’s at the top of her game however even she got it very wrong and suffered from burn-out.

Creating balance in life is so important if we don’t want to suffer from burn-out or stress. So much of how we work is in our control. We control how many hours we sit at our desks and how often we take breaks. We are responsible for logging into our emails late at night on our phones. It’s our responsibility as good leaders to set the tone and ensure that those we work with don’t develop bad habits because we don’t exercise what we fundamentally know will be  better way of working.

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