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Play it fair

As we previously discussed, trust is fundamental in building successful teams, being able to trust each other, and you, will mean the team are connected to their job and the work they are doing. However, one of the things that can erode trust quicker than anything else a lack of fair play.

So what is fairness in a business context? For me it has a couple of strands. First, it’s so important that those who have done the work receive the recognition or reward. Don’t steal anyone’s ideas or glory. You can shine as a manager even if you’re not directly doing the work because if your team succeeds then you are seen as succeeding too. Part of your role as a manager is to delegate so therefore you shouldn’t be doing all the work, as a result you shouldn’t claim responsibility for that work.

Second, something that goes hand in hand with trust, is honesty with your team. If you’re being dishonest with your team, they will a) see right through it and b) think you’re being unfair.

Whilst being paid fairly for the work you do is important, it’s actually not all about money. Often people will work for less money if they enjoy their job, trust their team and feel like they are operating in a fair company.

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