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Decisions, decisions

Leadership is often about making decisions. It can often feel quite overwhelming when your team is looking to you to make those big decisions and if we feel overwhelmed it can induce a kind of paralysis – “oh my goodness what am I going to do?”

First tactic – breathe!! Stop, breathe and take stock. Look at facts, what are they saying about a given situation or task?

Next think about who else is involved in the project or task, is there someone who can help with the decision process or maybe who has found themselves in at a similar decision point before?

Who is you mentor or boss? Often just talking to someone more senior and asking for some input or advice can be an un-blocker.

Perhaps best of all, ask your team for their input. Be humble when you’re searching for the best idea. Just because you are their leader doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers. Considering the opinions of your team and other can bring different thoughts and ideas on how to solve the issue or problem. A side effect of asking your team is this is another way to help build trust within your team. Showing “weakness” and allowing them to be empowered to offer up solutions is a great way to help your team grow and develop.

Bringing all this new insight together can then help you make your decision.

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