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Get some zzz’s

Previously I have spoken about how important sleep is to your performance and ability to function at your best. Sleep is such an essential element in how our body’s function on a day to day basis and yet we pay little attention to it. Sleep helps to lay down memories which in turn help up learn and develop. It helps us heal. It is a major factor in stress and blood pressure reduction.  

But how do you get a good night’s sleep? I’d like to give you 3 things to consider to help you achieve a better a night’s sleep.


Your bedroom should be a tech free zone (and that includes the TV). The blue light that is emitted by these devices actually disrupts your brains functions and tricks it into thinking it is earlier in the day, thereby delaying the emission of the key sleep hormone melatonin which is used to regulate your sleep cycles


Noise is a key factor in sleep disruption but maybe not in the way you think. Obviously there are loud noises which can stop you falling asleep or wake you up. But there has been research which shows that even low-level background noise like traffic can stop you falling asleep quickly and even interrupt your sleep at an uncious level meaning that you don’t get enough REM sleep (the really deep restorative sleep).


Setting and then maintaining a good sleep routine can really help you improve the quality of your sleep. Going to bed at the same time each day and following a set routine will help prepare your body and mind for sleep. Even if you suffer from insomnia it’s been shown that maintaining a regular routine can help.

Start the week with a new sleep routine, prioritise your sleep and reap the rewards.

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