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Take the pain out of meetings

Ever sat in a meeting and thought to yourself – what am I doing here? We all spend far too much time in meetings, that is time that could be used much more productively. So lets start a bad meeting revolution. No longer will we sit in badly run and ineffective meetings. Rise to the cause – no more bad meetings!

Your actions will speak louder than words here, so start with your own meetings. How can you make them more effective? What tactics are open to you to ensure you banish bad meetings?

Punctuality Breeds Contempt

Don’t be late to your own meeting, ever. Start on time and make a point of starting the meeting even if everyone who should be there hasn’t turned up. Set an example and stick to it.

Make it snappy

Use the Google Calendar Speedy meeting setting and only make your meetings 25 or 50 minutes to allow everyone a breather between meetings.


Is that regular meeting you hold still as effective as it was 2 months ago? Ask those who attend for their feedback and evolve the meeting based on that feedback.

Mix it up

Move the location, take it for a walk or remove the seats and have a stand-up instead. Regular meetings cause us all to move and behave the same way each week, take the same seat etc. You can’t be your best self if you keep repeating the same actions every meeting.

Encourage your team to adopt the same tactics and with any luck you’ll start a meeting revolution #bemorepirate

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