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You get into work, you sit at your desk, you get yourself through your to do list and you go home. Does this sound familiar? Horrible isn’t it? It doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be this way and as a leader it’s your responsibility to make sure this horrible situation doesn’t persist.

Being part of a team can be the most exciting and liberating thing. When you all have a common goal and a sense of purpose it’s can make you feel like you’re flying.

You set the tone. Remember that your team are always looking for you to guide them. This may be through direct questions and guidance but more usually this is through adoption of your actions and reactions. You need to guide the moral and business code. Be the leader you want to be and the team will rally round you.

Get to know your team, who they are, what makes them tick, what they aspire to be and do. Help them relate to each other. Use the ebb and flow of the day to enjoy each others company as well as getting the job done.

By creating cohesion and a sense of belonging you will help your team fly.

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