#dailytips, #management

Be yourself

Do you put on a front at work? Are you true to yourself? I would like to hazard a guess that you’re a version of yourself rather than being your one true self. As we come into the working world we learn to develop what we show, or don’t show, when we’re in the working environment.

Wouldn’t work be much more fun and rewarding if we could stop hiding our true selves and just enjoy ourselves with all our own indiosynchrocies.

So if this is true of ourselves, then the same must therefore be true for our team, or those we lead.

I’ve spoken in other blogs about creating safety and I think that this can help create the right environment for people to open up and be more like their true self.

Being open and honest with your team and understanding them and their aspirations will also help uncover their true selves.

With my call for anarchy earlier this week and re-think meetings, lets start another revolution – let’s make work a better place to be, a place where we can be our real true selves. #bemorepirate

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