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Part of the role of a good leader or manager is to ensure that our teams stay on track with the project or tasks that are required of them. However as you will know from your own experience we all have off days or those days when our focus and energy dip and we are operating in a way that is not our best.

When thinking of how to combat these situations the first place I look it to myself; have my own energy levels dipped or am I portraying a less than enthusiastic approach to the day? Our teams look to us to provide the moral and behavioural flavour of the day. Therefore if we are less than our best then this can impact on our teams.

Next I look to see if there are underlying issues. Has there been a lot of conflict recently? Or has there been a lot of blockers? An extended period of time that has a lot of negativity flowing through is obviously going to impact on how the team are performing. What can you do as a leader to turn this around? Of if this isn’t possible, how can you re-position the recent events to demonstrate the positives so that becomes the focus rather than on the negatives?

Perhaps the reason for downturn is a lack of recognition. Have you praised your team adequately for a job well done? Often a long term project can leave us to focus on the very end point and not all the small wins and pieces of delivery along the way. Everyone wants to feel like their work has been recognised so make sure you call out and recongnise the good work they have undertaken on a regular basis.

If all else fails, food can work wonders. Treat your team to some sweets or cake or take them for a coffee. It doesn’t have to be fancy but something unexpected and out of the norm can really help lift flagging spirits.

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