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How to be present in these strange times

During this completely unprecedented time we need to be even more present for our teams. But how can you do this when the ebb and flow of everyone’s day has changed and is constantly evolving?

My top tip here is to find a mutually agreeable time to just hang out. We need the room to connect to each other on a personal level, we need to laugh and chat and just shoot the breeze as we would have done in a normal working day.

I’ve found that working from home constantly gives you a sense of “needing to achieve” every minute of every day to show that we’re still present and valuable as an employee. However, being human and just saying “hi” at times like this will change the narrative and let people flow with their days around the new distactions (kids, pets, housemates) as well as being more relaxed and able to achieve.

Find the #humantouch, your teams will thank you for it.

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