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Gone Forever?

The world of work has been turned on its head.

Wouldn’t it be nice is somthing positive came out of the COVID-19 pandemic? Wouldn’t it be nice if this became the catelist for real change in the office?

We spend too many hours of our lives living in office spaces and companies that don’t recognise and appreciate our differences and give us room to be ourselves. Wouldn’t it be great to go to work and actually be ourselves, the best version of ourselves?

What I would like to see in a post COVID-19 world are businesses that don’t judge their employees effectiveness on the number of hours they are sat at their desk in an office, but through the work they actually deliver and the value they bring to the business with their skills.

Whilst I appreciate that many organisations have moved to have a home working policy and certainly during this COVID-19 lockdown a lot have been forced to define new ways of working. However, how many of them will stick post lockdown? Our  Millennial colleagues expect more freedom to choose their location of work. But with a new generation being homeschooled, this demand and expectation will only grow. Those companies that want to attract the best talent going forwards are going to have to ditch the 1950’s version of working and office culture and really embrace this new normal.

What I would like to see more of, is the example that has been set by Winchester Council. Yes I know, a council is actually forward thinking in it’s approach to work!! A friend of mine works for them and she cannot be late, ever. They have a flexible policy whereby she has a core number of hours she needs to work each week. This means she can start when she wants and finish when she wants. If she needs to visit her child’s school first thing, no worries. Gone are the days when she had to stress over leaving early for school parents evenings or school plays or a doctors appointment. Complete autonomy and more importantly, complete trust by her employer, boss and the wider team. Wow, doesn’t that sound like the kind of environment that will release all of us to truly be ourselves at work?

Additional note: here is another really interesting article on this topic: https://www.tlnt.com/why-tomatoes-are-critical-for-working-at-home/

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