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Today I came across a new concept, well new to me anyway. It's the 5 ways to mental wellbeing. These are: connectbe activetake noticekeep learninggive These seem to encapsulate a lot of themes that I've previously discussed, about being better to yourself, those around you and to improve yourself through development and learning. The research… Continue reading Wellbeing

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Balance – what’s that now?

I’ve highlighted before how important it is to take time to develop and educate yourself. As part of this self development I try and listen to new podcasts and read different material and in doing so I’ve come across this podcast: TED  Worklife with Adam Grant. He talks to some really inspiring people on the… Continue reading Balance – what’s that now?

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Email – the 4 D’s

There is a great video about productivity which I have put on my Useful Links page called Productivity for your start-up. Don't dismiss this if you are not a start-up as it has some really great tips and tricks for being more productive and it may make you think differently about what being productive looks… Continue reading Email – the 4 D’s